rustikální dřevěné okno TTK rustikal

TTK rustikal

  • Windows for renewing of buildings in historical parts of cities TTK Rustikal
  • High fidelity imitation of once produced windows when meeting contemporary demands with respect to thermal insulation properties
  • Luxuriously profiled edges, decorative bands, decorative cross beams and bars

Used materials:

Three-layer glued lamella of wood species

  • spruce joined longitudinally or without any joints (fixed)
  • pine joined longitudinally or without any joints
  • meranti without any longitudinal joints
  • oak without any longitudinal joints

Surface treatment:

Ecological water thinned thick-layer glazing of the firm SIKKENS inclusive deep impregnation. Shades according to the pattern book TKK or to the standard RAL. Even two-colour combination is possible.


All-circumference application of MACO fittings in the most modern workmanship Multi Trend, with two additional safety points, with wing lifting and wrong manipulation safety stop. Up to your wish with electronic control Maco Tronic.


Thermal insulation double glazing with warm stainless distance frame. Thermal transmission coefficient
Ug = 1,1 Wm−2 K−1 based on your wish up to 0,56 Wm−2 K−1 Heat Mirror. Glazing using ornamental glass, glass with increased safety parameters, glass with increased acoustic or sunshine protection level requirements is possible. Mounting of jalousies inside of double glass up to your wish.

Window drains:

Large volume frame and wing extended drains made from anodized aluminium