Sliding & folding walls

Slide and fold-slide walls work as window shades and elegant space segmenters. When open, slide and slide-fold walls are 95% passable and can be also combined with AL barrier-free doorsteps. Their main pros are easy manipulation, remove control (option), and a most elegant design accomodating wishes of the most demanding customers. As it is extremely hard to manufacture such walls, TTK is one of the few companies that can offer this item.

HS portal slide walls

Sliding & folding walls Slide walls are a perfect option for both apartments and offices. Their design is elegant, they require less space than normal walls, manipulating them is safe and easy. They are produced in a number of shades and can be panelled with a mirror. They cover the whole altitude from the floor to the ceiling. They also conform to any angle space. On the ceiling they are usually hanged on two places, on the floor they are set in a guide rail. They are aluminium-framed, the frame is filled with a chipboard and has noise-proof features.


PSK portal slide and slide-fold walls

The slide-fold walls are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. They are more complex than slide walls. They operate on a principle of folding partitions to the thiniest space possible. If needed, the wall can be easily unfolded and forms a full wall which means this is a perfect way of space-saving. The slide-fold walls can be purchased with or without a revolving joint. Individual parts are either separate or connected; they are implanted into each other by means of steel profiles and a rubber seal.