Wooden shutters

Shutters are a dominant protection element against wind, rain and sun. At the same time, they are an unusual element of the house giving your living an exotic spirit. Practical wooden shutters perfectly fit the European windows.



Surface treatment of windows

For the European windows, surface treatment is vitally important, not only because of the look, but especially in terms of durability and insulation. We offer a wide range of materials and colours designated for this purpose.



Sill drips

Sill drips have become an unseparable part of quality windows. We are particular about long-lasting durability of our windows, that is why we strongly encourage our clients to equip their windows with the sill drips.



Window fittings

Another part of a high-quality windows are aluminium window handles. Apart from the aestetic function, their meaning lies in security, microventilation and manipulation. Our company offers a wide scale of handles. Our handles have covered mounting holes so that the overall design is not interfered.


Balcony doorstep

Lowered balcony doorstep is used as a substitute for a common balcony dorstep. Its advantage is its lower profile which makes your household more comfortable. Disadvantage, on the other hand, is its low water- and snow-proof ability.