Window shutters

Window blinds on the house are a certain special recognizing mark – a part so characteristic for some countries that it creates their entire image. Window blinds are a very sympathetic building element for many people.

But the window blinds show more benefit than to look well only. They shelter from rain, hailstorm, sun, snow and cold weather, from inquisitive sights and they make eventual attempts of breaking into a house more difficult.


It is not only a special atmosphere that the window expatiates all around but the acceptance of their function as house decoration, as insulating and safety element is the very reason pointing out their significance. Therefore the window blinds are more and more used for re-design of houses and for new erected buildings.

Window fittings are manufactured in coloured versions with black, bronze and white surface treatment harmonizing with all surface and type of window blinds.

Window shutters are subdivided according to assembly: they are mounted onto the frame or onto the brickwork.