Wooden windows

dřevěná okna

Application of Eurowindows

Wooden windows can be applied especially in detached houses, low-energy and passive houses, particularly because of their exceptional insulation abilities. They are used both for constructions of newbuildings and reconstructions – people revitalising their dwellings care about aestetics and that is why wooden windows are an obvious choice for them. Another great advantage is a huge spectrum of types and shapes of the windows. In our company, specialised mounting is an obviousity.

TTK CZ has been producing wooden Eurowindows since 1992 and has gained invaluable experience over these years. Nowadays, TTK is one of the chief players at the market. Our company offers a huge variety of types and shapes of wooden windows and their accessories. We will be happy to assist you with mounting and maintaining our windows. An owner’s manual is an unseparable part of every order.

Why Eurowindows – wooden windows

  • Natural, ecological material
  • Luxurious, massive and estetic look
  • Better in colour fastness
  • Perfect insulation properties
  • Easily repairable in case of damage
  • Stadiness and firmness of the material
  • Better workability and variability of the material (“made-to-measure“)
  • Long durability
  • Wood respiration – stabilises air humidity
  • Antistatic
  • Higher resistance against fire