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Roughly 70 % of a building’s total energy consumption goes on heating and air-conditioning systems. In order to compare the performance of insulated glazed units or whole panes, we have various measurement factors available. Glazed unit properties can be compared on the basis of the below detailed indicators:

  • Ug value – Heat transfer coefficient through glazed unit (values range from Ug 5.8 for single glazing, Ug 0.5 for high performance insulating glass units).
  • Solar factor – Expresses the percentage of solar energy going through the glass unit. The higher the value, the higher the capability of exploiting free heat gains without the need for extra heating of the building.
  • Light transmission – amount of visible light which goes through the glazed unit. The higher the factor, the more light gets into the room.

Insulated glazed units are made up of two panes of sheet glass set apart by a spacer. Edges are sealed using permanently flexible sealant. A hermetically sealed chamber is formed between the glass panes containing dry air or a certain gas (argon, or SF6).

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How to choose a suitable insulating window

Depending on where the window faces, the regional climate and your insulation requirements, you can choose from a wide range of protection levels:

Thermal insulation and solar protection level

For a passive building or a building with high energy performance, the most appropriate choice for ‘Euro’ windows is triple glazing with a Ug value of below 0.8 W and a solar factor of greater than 60%. These insulating window units achieve the highest level of thermal insulation and also have great light transmission parameters.

For conservatories, we would recommend glass units with good solar regulation to ensure they are not overheated during summer, and heat is also assured during winter.

Noise insulation level

If you live near busy streets or in a noisy environment, you should look at a window’s ability to insulate against noise.

Safety level

In order to ensure a window is strong and also to reduce the risk of injury, we recommend using:

  • Toughened glass – more resistant to mechanical influences, more resistant to thermal shocks, and in the event of breaking it shatters into small blunt pieces which do not cause injury.
  • Laminated and laminated safety glass – provides the highest level of safety, is extremely difficult to break. If the glass shatters, the pieces are held within a PVB interlayer. Laminated glass is used for glazed railings, French windows and glazed storefronts. The interlayer increases its noise insulation properties and helps absorb UV radiation.
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What insulated glazed units do we use for our products?

Insulating double glazing – Thermobel

Insulating double glazing from this product range comprises two glass panes and a spacer and is usually filled with gas, and can achieve a Ug value of 2.8–0.9 W/(m2.K) inclusive.

Super insulating glazing – Thermobel 0.8

A new generation of super insulating double glazing designed for use in residential and public buildings. This glazed unit offers the best level of thermal insulation on the double glazing market (Ug 0.8) and is the ideal product for anyone looking for a light, compact and high performance glazing solution.

Super insulating triple glazing – Thermobel TG

This insulating glazed unit comprises three glass panes with high performance glass used for the external pane. Using insulating triple glazing, you can keep your energy costs under control and achieve the highest insulating standards [with low Ug values of 0.7–0.5 W/(m2.K)]. Insulating triple glazing is mainly used for constructions with low energy consumption demands (e.g. passive buildings).

Parameters for the standard insulating glazed units used


  • 4–18-F4 / exterior glass 4mm thick
  • Chromatech ultra spacer 18mm thick
  • Interior glass 4mm thick with low emission layer
  • Light transmission LT = 79 %
  • Solar factor SF = 67 %
  • Heat transfer coefficient U = 1.1 W/m2K
  • Sound reduction index Rw = 32 dB

Insulating glazing parameters which we can supply on customer request


  • Glass, 6-20 mm thick – colourless clear or ornamental, chromatech ultra interglass spacers 6–20 mm thick,
  • Insulated glazed unit with higher thermal insulation filled with 99.6 % argon. U = 1.0 W/m2K
  • Insulated glazing with Heat Mirror up to U = 0.56 W/m2K
  • Insulated solar control glazing, sound insulating glass up to Rw = 50dB
  • Safety glass, fire resistant insulating glass
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