User’s guide

In order to retain the functionality of turning/tilting fittings for windows and balcony doors, it is necessary to perform the following operations at least once per year:

  • It is necessary to check fittings having a security character for wear and tear at regular intervals.
  • It is necessary to oil all moving parts and closing parts of fittings.
  • It is necessary to use only cleaning and treating agents that do not attack the anti-corrosion protection.

The same maintenance procedures are in force for other types of windows not mentioned in this manual (e.g. turning or tilting windows, double-wing turning or tilting and turning windows etc.).


návod k obsluze - dřevěná eurookna

Product guarantee advices:

Your windows and doors are furnished with valuable turning/tilting fittings. Their attendance is simple and without any problems, however you should read this instruction for use carefully and keep the attendance instructions. In your own interest we also ask you to pay attention to the safety instructions.

  • Decide whether it is necessary to have a sticker with instructions for use on the window.
  • To ensure your windows remain functional for long years, please, observe the following care and maintenance instructions.

Usage of turning/tilting fittings

Handle position for long-term ventilation of a room.

Special position for slot ventilation design.

Handle position for short-term ventilation (shock ventilation), or when cleaning window plates. Do not let the windows unattended!

The closing position of the handle = room unattended, ventilation not necessary.

For cases the windows are closed due to wind or draught in tilting position, or if they open or close themselves in turning position, it is possible to use special accessories.

návod k obsluze - dřevěná eurookna

návod k obsluze - dřevěná eurookna

návod k obsluze - dřevěná eurookna

Instruction for use of the windows

  1. All moving parts and locking points of the opening-tilting fittings must be regularly lubricated. Do not use standard lubricants, rust remover or silicon spray! Lubrication must be done using only a special lubricant or special petroleum jelly! Fittings should not be painted over!
  2. For cleaning and maintenance, only use cleaning and protective products which do not damage or affect the surface and do not cause corrosion.
  3. Weight-bearing fittings should be regularly checked for wear and tear.
  4. All care mentioned here for ‘Euro’ windows applies generally for other window shapes and closing mechanisms.

Safety instructions

  1. Do not place a load on window sashes
  2. Do not let the window sash bump into the interior frame
  3. Do not place any obstacles between the window sash and frame
  4. Danger of injury to parts of the body placed between the window sash and frame
  5. Danger of falling out
  6. Danger of injury due to wind or draft
návod k obsluze - dřevěná eurookna

User guide


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