Entrance door accessories


We offer door handles and hardware in several materials and combinations: silver anodized, bronze anodized, anodized with stainless steel imitation, polished chrome, polished brass, white color. You can choose from a combination of a handle with a handle, with a lowered handle, a handle or a D-shaped handle.



Surface treatment is very important not only for the appearance, but mainly for the service life and long-term insulation of the entrance door. Choose from our wide range of colors.

In order for the surface finish of your door to last as long as possible as new, you need to take good care of it. The so-called Sikkens maintenance set, which consists of a special cleaning emulsion and treatment milk, is excellent for cleaning and treating the paint surface. Regular use of this kit significantly extends the renovation interval. But you can also choose from a whole range of paint sets with us.

Surface treatment of wooden parts

Surface treatment of aluminum profiles