Entrance doors

The wooden entrance door is the main gate and a visiting card of your house, Entrance doors giving visitors the very first and strongest impression. Therefore it is so important to choose the entrance door in a design corresponding with the interior. Well chosen door has not only a decorative function, however, but also meets insulation requirements. Our company offers door that meets both of these properties.

Entrance door – structure

Entrance doors The entrance door is composed of multi-layer wooden prisms that are glued together. Three- or four-layer prisms are used.

You can choose from following materials:

  • spruce,
  • oak tree,
  • pine tree
  • and meranti.



For better insulation and longer durability, the door is manufactured with an aluminium coating. The entrance door is offered in a frame and a sandwich wing construction.

For door construction, double-layer wood with a polyurethan foam layer is used. Active, water-proof silicon sealing cement seals the space between the glass and the wood. The door is equipped with aluminium eloxon sill drips, serving as another water-proof protection.

Door padding

You can choose between glass, wooden and combined padding. Glass used in the padding is double- or three-layer, to provide high-quality insulation. All the colours offered in a pattern book are resistant to every time of the year, as well as ultraviolet radiation.

Wood door accessories

For completion of the door, the customer can choose from a variety of door handles, locks, hinges and various metal fitting.