TTK history
TTK history

  • Thermal properties of the TTK history wooden window
    are in accordance with ČSN 730540, part 2
  • Modern design
  • Affordability
  • Variability of materials
  • Joints without admitted spar
  • Subtler frame and leaf profiles
  • Historicising hardware
  • Wooden eaves


Thermally insulating double glazing with warm interglass frame in stainless steel. Heat transfer coefficient Ug = 1.1 Wm-2 K-1 up to 0.56 Wm-2 K-1 Heat Mirror on request. Option of glazing with ornamental glass, glass with increased safety requirements, glass with increased noise or solar protection requirements. On request, we can install blinds inside the double glazing.


Frame and casement large volume extended guttering in anodised aluminium.


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