triplex plus

TTK triplex plus

  • The most modern type of aluminum-aluminum window.
  • Suitable window for low energy and passive houses.
  • The TTK triplex plus has a triple glass in the inner wooden part and a separate glass in the aluminum outer part.
  • Top heat insulation properties.
  • Integrated louvre in the mezzanine space.
  • Excellent noise and sun protection.
  • The heat transfer coefficient of the entire window is Uw = 0.67 Wm-2K-1.

Used materials

Three-layer glued wood laminate

  • spruce without longitudinal connection (fixed)
  • pine without longitudinal connection
  • meranti without longitudinal connection
  • oak without longitudinal connection


All-round MACO fittings in the state-of-the-art Multi Trend design with two additional safety points, with wings, with a fuse against faulty handling. Optional Maco Tronic electronic control.


Thermal insulating triple glazing with warm stainless steel frame. Heat transfer coefficient Ug = 1.1 Wm-2 K-1, optionally up to 0.7 Wm-2 K-1.

Surface finish

Ecological, water-soluble, thick-coat of SIKKENS, including deep impregnation. Colors according to TTK or RAL. The possibility of a two-color combination or colorless transparent glaze.

Outdoor cladding TTK triplex plus

Aluminum front profile Mira

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