TTK alu line

  • The perfect combination of wood – aluminum.
  • Inside a pleasant natural material.
  • Inside, center and outside all-round seals
  • The TTK alu line is externally jacketed with weather-resistant aluminum.
  • Unique silicone glazing system.
  • The wing and the frame are in one line from the outside.
  • The heat transmission coefficient of the entire window is Uw = 0.80 Wm -2 K-1.

Used materials

Three-layer glued wood lamellas:

  • spruce without longitudinal connection (fixed)
  • pine without longitudinal connection
  • meranti without longitudinal connection
  • oak without longitudinal connection

Surface finish

Ecological, water-soluble, thick-coat of SIKKENS, including deep impregnation. Colors according to TTK or RAL. The possibility of a two-color combination or colorless transparent glaze.


All-round MACO fittings in the state-of-the-art Multi Trend design with two additional safety points, wings, with a fuse against faulty handling. Optionally, we provide the TTK alu linoleum window with Maco Tronic electronic control.


The TTK alu line is glazed with a thermal insulating triple glazing with a warm intermediate frame with a value Ug = 0.6 Wm-2 K-1. Glazing with ornamental glass, glass with increased safety requirements, glass with increased requirements for protection against noise or sunshine. Optional installation of blinds inside the triple glazing.

Outdoor aluminum cladding TTK alu line

Pre-assembled aluminum profile MIRA or MIRA THERM with thermal insulation layer in a wide variety of color shades.