TTK triplex je dřevohliníkové okno zaskleno v dřevěném rámu dvojsklem a integrovanou žaluzií. Venkovní hliníkový rám je zasklen izolačním sklem.

TTK triplex

  • The latest type of wood-aluminium windows
  • The window consists of a double glass, fastened in the inner wooden part of the window, and a single glass in the outer aluminium part
  • Integrated jalousie integrated between glasses
  • Excellent noise and light protection

Materials used:

Tripple glued wooden plate:

  • spruce without a longitudinal connection
  • pine without a longitudinal connection
  • meranti without a longitudinal connection
  • oak without a longitudinal connection

Metal fittings:

Peripheral metal fitting Maco in the latest multitrend design with safety points, wing lifting and a catch preventing wrong manipulation. Maco Tronic electronic control (option)


Thermal insulation double glass with a warm interglass stainless frame. Coefficient of heat penetration through a window Ug = 1,1 Wm2 K−1 or 0,7 Wm2 K−1 (option). Possibility to use safety, noise- and sun-proof or ornamental glass.

Surface treatment:

Ecological, aqueous thick-layer SIKKENS glazing, including profundity impregnation. Shades correspond to our pattern book and the RAL standards. Possibility to combine two shades together or to use transparent glazing.

Outter coating:

Forward aluminium Mira profile.